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10 grams 400:1 Kanna Extract Powder (400x)

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This item is for 10 grams of 400:1 kanna extract or 400x. + A FREE sample of another item from our store!

Next to the ordinary kanna powder or plant material, kanna is also available as extract. The alkaloids (active ingredients) are extracted from the plant material. A 400x extract is four hundred times stronger than the ordinary herb.

Extracts just reduce the amount of plant material and make the end product more efficient. It’s also possible to isolate one or more of the alkaloids. Kanna contains a range of alkaloids, of which mesembrine, mesembrenone and mesembrenol are the most important. All of these alkaloids have their specific effects.

Our Kanna 400:1 extract is imported directly from South Africa.

At The Organic Alley we strive to provide the most potent organic pesticide/chemical free high quality herbs on the market!

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