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18kt Solid Gold Charm

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  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Gold
  • Jewelry type: Charm, Earrings, Pendant
  •   SOLID GOLD tiny Charms. Will not tarnish! NOT PLATED!! Dont be fooled by other plated nail charms. These are the real deal, check out our reviews! See our other listing for Butterfly Sets and other Gem Kits. Charms are sold per piece.

    Measurements shown as:
    Length x Width in MILLIMETERS

    Star 4.1 x 4.1mm
    Anchor 2.7 x 4.3mm
    Hollow Heart $.1 x 4.4mm
    Small Heart 2.8 x 3.1mm
    Spider 3.9 x 4.0mm
    Scorpion 4.6 x 3.4mm
    Palm Tree 5.4 x 3.2mm
    Starfish 4.6 x 4.6mm
    Wu 4.0 x 4.7mm
    Dagger 5.1 x 2.4mm
    Bunny 4.4 x 2.8mm
    Spray Cap 4.8 x 3.4mm
    13 4.1 x 4.2mm
    Moon 4.4 x 2.3mm
    Hollow Diamond 4.9 x 2.8mm
    Lightening Bolt 3.8 x 1.7mm
    Alien 4.6 x 3.7mm
    Cherries 5.6 x 4.1mm
    Dollar Sign 5.2 x 3.1mm
    Bee 4.1 x 4.6mm
    Horseshoe 3.1 x 3.0mm
    Leaf 4.0 x 4.6mm
    Cross 4.1 x 2.9mm
    Solid Diamond 3.6 x 2.8mm
    Hollow Gem 4.0 x 4.4mm
    HD 3.8 x 4.6mm
    Halloween Cat 4.7 x 4.0mm
    L V 4.7 x 4.9mm
    Canine Contour 5.8 x 2.0mm
    NEW Bunny Mask 5.2 x 4.0mm
    Check 2.5 x 6.1mm
    Female Symbol 4.3 x 3.6mm
    Unicorn 5.9 x 3.6mm
    Crown 4.0 x 5.5mm
    Music Note 3.4 x 2.0mm
    NEW Wishbone 5.1 x 3.4mm
    Marquise Outline 5.8 x 3.1mm
    Gem W/ ss5 Cutout 3.7 x 3.9mm
    Open Beaded Square 4.0 x 4.0mm
    Open Beaded Circle 2.9 x 2.9mm
    Open Circle Bezel 2.9 x 2.9 mm
    Small Canine Contour 3.6 x 1.6 mm
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