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5 Tea Special - Buy 4 Get 1 FREE! Natural Loose Leaf Teas 2.5oz - Organic Tea for Sleep, Immunity, Focus, Anxiety, Energy, Dreaming, etc

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  •   This 5 Tea Special listing is for 5 sampler size tins of loose leaf tea. Our medicinal loose leaf tea blends are effective for a range of medicinal uses, and they all taste amazing. Even the ones with the least tasty herbs, because we focus on a fulfilling blend that meets our medicinal intentions and expectations, as well as our taste palates. We use only clean and sifted certified organic herbs and a few wildcrafted mushrooms in our recipes. When ordering, please choose from the list below, as limited edition teas are not included in this special offer, so if you order a tea not on the list below, then your order can be delayed as we will have to reach out for a new choice.

    *Our 5 Tea Special includes 5 Sampler teas for the price of 4... Send in your choices and we'll try to accommodate them. If you don't list your choices, then we will pick the teas for you.

    *Please note that most Limited Edition teas are not included in this special offer unless they're listed below.

    [Hypnotic + Lucid Dreaming]‡
    Butterfly Pea Flower* (Clitoria ternatea), Blue Lotus Flower* (Nymphaea caeruleaI), California Poppy Flower* (Eschscholzia californica), French Super Blue Lavender Flower* (Lavandula stoechas), Calendula Flower* (Calendula officinalis), Passionflower *(Passiflora incarnata). #Blue Galaxy Tea steeps with a vibrant blue color naturally.

    [Anxiety + Stress Relief]‡
    St. John's Wort* (Hypericum perforatum), Lavender* (Lavandula x intermedia), Chamomile* (Matricaria recutita), Lemon Balm* (Melissa officinalis), Kava Kava* (Piper methysticum), Rose* (Rosa centifolia), Skullcap* (Scutellaria lateriflora).

    DAILY 8
    [Anti-Inflammatory Support + General Wellness]‡
    Chinese Green Tea* (Camellia sinensis), Holy Basil* (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Ginger* (Zingiber officinale), Turmeric* (Curcuma longa), Cinnamon* (Cinnamomum verum), Rosemary* (Rosmarinus officinalis), Clove* (Syzygium aromaticum), Chamomile* (Matricaria recutita).

    [Detoxification + Purifying]‡
    Gunpowder Green Tea* (Camellia sinensis), Lemongrass* (Cymbopogon citratus), Honeysuckle* (Lonicera japonica), Dandelion Leaf* (Taraxacum), Burdock Root* (Articum lappa), Red Reishi Mushroom* (Ganoderma lucidum), Stinging Nettle* (Urtica dioica), Ginger Root* (Zingiber officinale), Red Clover* (Trifolium pratense).

    [Relaxing + Euphoric + Lucid Dreaming]‡
    Patchouli* (Pogostemon cablin), Holy Basil* (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Mugwort* (Artemisia vulgaris), Blue Lotus* (Nymphaea caerulea), Klip Dagga* (Leonotis Nepetifolia), Gingko Biloba*, Passionflower* (Passiflora incarnata), Chamomile* (Matricaria recutita), Lavender* (Lavandula x intermedia), Dream Herb* (Calea Zacatechichi).

    [Joyful Relaxation + Sleep Tea]‡
    Tahitian Vanilla Bean (Grade A)*(Vanilla Tahitensis), Vanilla infused Black Tea*(Camellia sinensis), German Chamomile*(Matricaria recutita), French Lavender*(Lavandula stoechas), Cardamom*(Elettaria cardamomum), Nutmeg*(Myristica fragrans), Rose*(Rosa centifolia), Ceylon Cinnamon*(Cinnamomum verum), Valerian*(Valeriana wallichii), Jasmine Tea*(Camellia sinensis), Vanilla Extract*(Vanilla planifolia), Organic Vanilla Flavoring Powder*(Vanillin methyl).

    [Antiviral + Cold + Flu Support]‡
    Elderberry* (Sambucus nigra), Elderflower* (Sambucus) , Peppermint* (Mentha piperita L.), Echinacea* (Echinacea purpurea), Lemon Balm* (Melissa officinalis), Licorice Root* (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), Ginger* (Zingiber officinale), Mullein* (Verbascum thapsus), Rosehips* (Rosa canina).

    [Potent Sedative + Dreaming]‡
    Blue Lotus Flower* (Nymphaea caerulea), Butterfly Pea Flower* (Clitoria ternatea), Kenyan Purple Tea* (Camellia sinensis), Violet Leaf* (Viola tricolor), French Lavender* (Lavandula stoechas), California Poppy* (Eschscholzia californica), Mugwort* (Artemisia vulgaris), Valerian Root* (Valeriana wallichii), Blueberry* (Vaccinium sect. Cyanococcus), Mexican Dream Herb* (Calea Zacatechichi), Sun Opener* (Heimia Salicifolia).

    [Awesome Taste + Serious Energy Boost]‡
    Red Lotus Flower* (Nymphaea rubra), Jasmine Tea* (Camellia sinensis), Pu'erh White Tea* (Camellia sinensis), Chunmee Green Tea* (Camellia sinensis), Red Raspberry* (Rubus idaeus), Hibiscus* (Hibiscus sabdariffa), Red Rose* (Rosa centifolia), Red Ginseng* (Panax Ginseng), Yerba Mate* (Ilex paraguariensis), Gotu Kola* (Centella asiatica), Holy Basil* (Ocimum tenuiflorum).

    [Supports Positive Mood + Fights Hopelessness]‡
    Chamomile* (Matricaria recutita), Calendula* (Calendula officinalis), Jasmine Flower* (Jasminum odoratissimum), Orange Peel* (Citrus sinensis), Lemon Balm* (Melissa officinalis), Chinese Green Tea* (Camellia sinensis), St. John’s Wort* (Hypericum perforatum).

    [Sleep + Insomnia Support]‡
    Lavender* (Lavandula x intermedia), Chamomile* (Matricaria recutita), Lemongrass* (Cymbopogon citratus), Passionflower* (Passiflora incarnata), Lemon Balm* (Melissa officinalis).

    [Tension + Migraine Relief]‡
    Peppermint* (Mentha piperita L.), Lemon Balm* (Melissa officinalis), Bay Leaf* (Laurus nobilis), Feverfew* (Tanacetum parthenium,) Willow Bark* (Salix alba), Lavender* (Lavandula x intermedia).

    [Digestion Support + Nausea Aid + Probiotic]‡
    Ginger* (Zingiber officinale), Peppermint* (Mentha × piperita), Spearmint* (Mentha spicata), Licorice Root* (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Ceylon Cinnamon* (Cinnamomum verum), Marshmallow Root* (Althaea Officinalis), Lemon Balm* (Melissa officinalis), Chamomile* (Matricaria recutita), Lemon Peel* (Citrus limon), Slippery Elm* (Ulmus rubra), Bacillus Coagulans Probiotic Strain in carrier of Corn Starch.

    *Our teas are made with mostly Certified Organic herbs and wildcrafted mushrooms, and lots of love. Products with Green Tea, Black Tea, or Gunpowder Green Tea are naturally caffeinated.

    Size: We fill our Sampler Teas in a 2.5oz Windowed Tin. Weight by volume. Teas range from 0.3-0.7oz by weight. Depending how strong you like your tea, you can get 10-15 or more teas out of each tin.

    Take 1-2 TSP of loose leaf tea, grabbing as much of a variety of each herb as you can for optimal effect, then grind either in a mortar and pestle or between your fingers. Place tea into a strainer ball or an empty tea bag and steep in boiling hot water, stirring often (typically 5-15 minutes until color of hot water changes and aroma of tea fills the room). Add honey and sugar and serve.

    *Please see individual tea listings for further direction, dosage, and warnings. But do know that lotus flower is included in this product for supplemental use. Lotus is an uncontrolled substance with varying legalities depending on your location in the world, so it is the buyers responsibility to know whether this product is prohibited or not. Within the USA, only Louisiana prohibits some Lotus varieties and it is your responsibility to do research prior to ordering, as we can not be held responsible. We are not liable for any damage or seizure by customs officials or postal employees. Please consult your physician about any medical concern you may have; and educate yourself thoroughly about any herbs and their potential contraindications before any type of use. We can not be held responsible for consumption of these herb.

    *These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and therefore we cannot claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information on our site is provided for entertainment, historical background, and educational purposes only.

    **The herbs in these teas are very potent and so, we must advise you that it's important to consult your physician prior to use, especially if you take any prescription drugs. Best to be safe, otherwise you agree to use this herbal supplement at your own risk. Due to the properties in St. John's Wort, it's important to consult your doctor before using this tincture, especially if you're using anti-depressants, or other prescription drugs. Best to be safe, otherwise you agree to use this herbal supplement at your own risk. We are not doctors, we are herbalists.

    Please note: Be careful when opening sampler size tea tins, as they can seal very tight and can be a little difficult to open. Large tea tins do not have this issue and are sealed differently. Sampler tins can be opened by holding tight on the bottom of tin with one hand and then with the other hand gently turning until the seal breaks and lifts up. All of our tea tins are very full, as we want you to know you received your money's worth, however, this means they can spill upon first opening, so we suggest opening these over a plate to save your herb.

    We will plant 100 native Ohio wildflower seeds for every item you purchase to support our beloved and endangered pollinators. Thank you for your support and patronage.

    At checkout, you will automatically receive free shipping within the USA if your order totals $35 or more.

    Woodland Herbal, LLC. is made up of a family of four generations of herbalists, and we hand make everything available in our formulary. We’re based in Warsaw Ohio. For generations, our family has lived with a strong connection to the natural world and have found results in the ancient wisdom of the old ways. At Woodland Herbal we focus on making all natural remedies and body care products that help and heal, and provide hope where there was none prior. While many of our recipes and much of our plant knowledge have been passed down through the generations, we continue to grow and learn and research. We offer a quality you can't buy in stores, as our products are handmade and crafted by our family of herbalists. We employ great research, time, love, and positive intent in all of our recipes, and we use only the highest quality of natural ingredients known to man.

    So, in providing alternatives to the chemical and toxin-riddled products that dominate the market, as well as the pharmaceutical medicines that have more side effects than positive effects, we see a chance to do several goods and right several wrongs. In offering a choice for all who need it, towards a natural and healthy living, we can shine a light where ignorance was, offer education and work towards a better tomorrow.

    For years, we've planted a local Ohio tree for every item sold. For 2020, we focused on the bees and butterflies, converting an acre previously deforested land into a field of wildflowers that cater to our beloved pollinators. In 2020, your support funded the planting of 1,106,400 seeds! In 2021, we planted 3,284,100 Ohio wildflowers! For 2022, we were able to fund the planting of 4,373,600 wildflower seeds. With your patronage, we can grow a better tomorrow.

    At Woodland Herbal, we focus on creating the best possible recipes each and every time. We spare no expense and work with many rare and exotic plants from all around the world. We source organic herbs directly from farmers and international traders, and always focus on top quality for optimal medicinal effect. We make our products fresh to order, which is why we don’t ship the same day you order. We’re a small family and not a factory, and sometimes making the highest quality product with love takes time.

    Our products are all natural, free of harmful chemicals and are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. We fuse the knowledge and experience of four generations of herbalists into every product, with a whole lot of love and positive intent. Always small batch and Ohio handmade. We also work with customers on custom orders and custom remedies, where possible. We strive to make the absolute best product possible, whole providing the best service we can. If anything is wrong with your order, please give us a chance to prove we will work tirelessly to earn every star.

    Visit us at and join our Email List to receive special VIP discounts and new product updates. Also, please follow us on social media: +

    Buy with confidence and with a clean conscience, because Etsy equals out our environmental effect with a 100% offset of carbon emissions. So from the effect that every shipment has on the environment, Etsy equally puts that cost back into growing forests, improving air quality, building wind and solar farms, generating new ways to create clean energy, while also developing greener methods of producing auto parts. We strive to lessen our own negative impact everyday and Etsy helps us strive to operate as a 100% carbon clean business.

    Due to the nature of our business, being that we are a small family run business who focuses on providing top quality products with a quick turnaround, we can not accept cancellations, returns or exchanges on any product in our shop. Woodland Herbal's products are small batch and are made-to-order and are often started the same day an order is received. Therefore, we can not accept cancelations, returns or refunds. All sales are final.

    While we are four generations of herbalists, we are not doctors. We do not make health claims, offer health-related advice, nor can we diagnose conditions. The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or any health-related concern. The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the Woodland Herbal site. Woodland Herbal, LLC. products are not reviewed by the FDA. We do not make any claims, promises, or about the health benefits of any products. All statements are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. We only offer our opinions and resources based on research, product testing amongst ourselves, and customer reviews. These products are intended to support well-being and overall awesomeness. Use at your own risk. We are not responsible for accidents, misuse, or adverse reactions. Everybody reacts differently to plant-medicines and caution should be taken at all times. Always seek advice from a medical professional or primary care physician.

    ‡ We spend copious amounts of time researching medicinal plants and how they affect the body. We always focus on creating the best possible natural product to aid general wellness and overall awesomeness. We provide citations for your benefit so you can research the properties and benefits of these natural ingredients, but we encourage you to take the time to do your own research. Please see the Citations page at


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