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Flavored Sea Moss Gel, Sea moss gel, Mango, Elderberry, Goji Berry, Strawberry, Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Banana, Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel

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    We now ship FEDEX 2 DAY EXPRESS as a shipping STANDARD! We also DELIVER ON SATURDAYS NOW! As of January 19th, 2021, we've moved from USPS to FedEx 2Day Express!



    ****NEW SAMPLE PACK ADDED!***** Get all 7 of our Sea Moss Gel Flavors in the perfect 4oz sample size! Each jar has a 4 day supply of 2 tablespoons a day. Try a new flavors every 4 days with this amazing pack!

    You've asked for it, and now it is here! We now offer flavored sea moss that you can eat RIGHT OUT OF THE JAR! Test it for yourself! Our Fruit Sea Moss Gels not only pack 92 minerals, but also loads of vitamins, from the fruits infused with it. Could sea moss get even more powerful?! YES!

    Free Recipes with every order as well as a "Sea Moss Hub" for continued support after your initial purchase. Need new recipes? Want a bigger discount?, Or maybe some motivation on your health journey? You can reach me through our Sea Moss Hub network anytime!

    Our Sea Moss is FDA cleared, and from our own ocean plot! That's right, we have no middle man. My sea moss is 100% ocean wild crafted, organic, and vegan. Never pool grown. The species of sea moss used for our gels is Eucheuma Cottonii. It has all 92 minerals that has our customers feeling amazing!

    What separates us from the competitors? We PACK our sea moss gels with Sea Moss. During these times, sea moss has been very very hard to find, and very expensive when you do. Because we own our own ocean farm and have sea moss is HUGE abundance, we pack our gel with very high amounts of sea moss. We believe 1 TBSP of our gel is equivalent to 2-3 TBSPs from our competitors. Our customers feel the difference in their health within 24 hours, and that is what I want for everyone. This is about your health and your journey and the impact we can have on your life.

    Our Fruit Sea Moss Gels ship insulated and with commercial ice. This way there are no worries about spoilage in the mail's heat. We've figured out the science of getting our product to you fresh, safe and potent, so that you don't have to.

    Our Sea Moss Gel is a Thick, rich and creamy formula! We deliver to you, a very powerful punch of sea moss with every tablespoon on our product. I cut no corners and water down the product. I sincerely want this super food item, to do your body, hair and skin very good. I want to build a healthy community of people who are all thriving! Your return is more important, then your initial purchase.

    I make all orders in a vegan kitchen, using only the cleanest sea moss and always, always wild crafted. I soak our sea moss in alkaline spring water, with limes. Limes alkalizes the water, super charges the sea moss, cuts the smell, minimizes the taste, and extends the preservation of the product!

    Every order comes with FREE RECIPES!
    One question that we get often is "What can I put sea moss in?". We included recipes with your order, and you will also have direct contact with me for even more recipes and support! I want you to have an excellent experience and know that you're supported well after your purchase.

    Each order will give you access to me for tips, recipes, questions or concerns with your order. Maybe you just need motivation to get you through your day, I will be here. Health is a journey and we can support each other.

    My business got started after our world was hit with this viral pandemic. We started out by gifting free sea moss gel to workers in the health care field, just wanting to support them the best we can while giving them added nutrients. The foundation of who we are is organic, and very genuine. I am here for you.

    In gel form, sea moss has a neutral taste can can be added to: Pancake Batter, Smoothies, Juices, Coffees, Teas, Soups, Curry Sauces, Stews, used as a face mask, and many many more uses.


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