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Incense Sticks, Natural Smudging, Aromatherapy, Incense Burner, Cleansing Purifying, Calming Smudge Stick, Home Scent Raw Organic Meditation

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    Incense Sticks of different scents.

    Price mentioned for 1 stick. Choose the scent and the number of stick from the drop down menu. We have fragrances made out of resins, flowers, herbs, woody, sweet, spices, blends and intention incense.

    Below are some associations of different intentions with the corresponding incenses:

    Money and Business: Money Drawing, Ginger, Good Fortune, Attract Clients, Gold Silver
    Love: Red Rose, Carnation, Saffron, Vanilla, Copal, ginger, Green Apple, Jasmine, Juniper, Love, Cardamon, Gardenia, Precious Mogra
    Seduction (women): Lavender, Aphrodesia
    Seduction (men): Patchouli, Indian Musk, Night Queen, Aphrodesia
    Aphrodisiac: Kama Sutra, Patchouli, Amber, Cinnamon, Spearmint, Violet
    Jealousy and Envy: Against Jealousy
    Lovers to return: Dragons Blood
    Passion: Amber
    Chakra Balancing: Seven Chakras
    Cleansing: Cleansing, Frankincense and Myrrh, White Sage, Mugwort, Cedar, Myrrh, Palo Santo, Blue Sage
    Consecration: Myrrh
    Peace: Gardenia
    Purification: Pine, Cedar, Camphor
    Protection: Protection, Lotus, Dragons Blood, Benzoin, Juniper, Citronella, Coconut, Eucalyptus
    Divination: Mugwort
    Prophetic Dreams: Mugwort, Opium, Night Queen
    Fertility: Good health, Pine
    Feng Shui: Feng Shui
    Grounding: Chocolate, Coffee
    Healing: Good Health, Spearmint, Green apple, Healing, Eucalyptus, Seven Chakras, Myrrh, Gardenia
    Insect Repellant: Citronella
    Massage: Seven Chakras, Lavender,
    Memory: Lilly of the Valley
    Mental Power: Lilly of the Valley
    Prosperity: Almond
    Luck: Violet, Lotus, Good Fortune
    Lust: Cardamon
    Success: Cinnamon, Pine
    Happiness: Honeysuckle, Saffron, Lilly of the Valley
    Antidepression: Saffron
    AntiStress: Antistress, Lavender
    Attract Good energy: Sweetgrass
    Magic: Pagan Magic
    Meditation: Indian Musk, Meditation, Egyptian Musk, Seven Chakras
    Relaxation: Lavender
    Psychic Power: Lemongrass, Opium
    Purification: Egyptian Musk, Indian Spices, Coconut
    Energy: Vanilla
    Sleep: Violet
    Spirituality: Gardenia, Frankincense and Myrrh, Loban, Sandalwood
    Tranquility: Chamomile
    Calm temper: Violet
    Power: Ginger
    Passion: Ylang Ylang

    To buy candles of different shapes and colors and different magical tools - please visit our shop.

    Delivery to USA - 5-8 days.
    Delivery to other countries - 7-14 days.

    Incense Sticks, Natural Smudging, Aromatherapy, Incense Burner, Cleansing Purifying, Home Scent Raw Organic Meditation, Calming Smudge Stick, Palo Santo Incense, Wicca, Altar Magic, Ajaro, Amber, Arruda, Attract Client, Benzoin, Black Magic, Californian White Sage Hit, Camomile, Cedar, Copal Maya, Dragons Blood, Fairy Dust, Frankincense, Goddess, Good Fortune, Good Health, Gold Silver, Guardian Angel, House Protection, Kamasutra, Love, Millionario, Money Matrix, Myrrh, Musk, Natural Lavender, Natural Rose, Natural Sandal, Palo Santo, Patchouli, Pine Eucalyptus, Powerful Hand, Rosemary, Sacred Ritual, Saffron Sandal, Supreme Jasmine, Tree of Life, Quick Sale, Unlock, Vanilla, Violet, White Magic Spells, Winner


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