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Mimosa Elixir Blossoms + bark to anchor and lift the spirit Seasonal, small batch medicine

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: Mimosa flower, Albizia julibrissin


A delectable, potent concoction of the frothy pink blossoms and bark of the mimosa tree (Albizia julibrissin), crafted from fresh plant material with gratitude.

You'll most likely recognize the whimsical pink flowers of the mimosa tree, a common Asian "invasive", often seen lighting up stretches of highway in early summer. Her flowers hold medicine to lift the spirits and gladden the heart. In Traditional Chinese Medicine she is known as the "Tree of Collective Happiness" and "spirit calming plant."

Mimosa is one whose medicine is apparent in her appearance, a concept known as doctrine of signatures. Simply being in her presence has the power to lift and calm the spirit. Watch her branches and blossoms gracefully rise and fall on the wind. Appreciate her bright pink blossoms, cheerful, light, effervescent, whimsical, not to mention their lovely scent. There lies her medicine, supporting and inviting in a lightness, a feeling of effervescence, cheer. Among herbalists, mimosa is valued for relieving anxiety, stress, and depression.

Mimosa bark is more sedative and grounding. Combined, they are lovely medicine for anxiety and grief.

This elixir combines an alcohol extract and infused honey of mimosa flowers and bark. It may be taken straight from the dropper without dilution.


Contains: Fresh wild gathered mimosa blossoms (Albizia julibrissin), mimosa bark, organic cane alcohol, honey, 50% alcohol by volume.


Usage: Adults take 1/2 tsp 3 to 5x/day.

Not safe for pregnancy. A safe alternative for pregnancy is the Mimosa Flower Elixir. Not safe for those with bipolar or manic conditions, as mimosa has caused mania in bipolar individuals.

Serving size: 60 drops or 2 droppers. There are 15 doses per 1 ounce container.


Customer Feedback:

"Pleasant floral taste, and really does provide a little lift in mood."

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Available in one, two, or four ounce cobalt glass bottles; 1 and 2 ounce bottles come with a rubber dropper. (2 ounce bottle pictured)

One ounce bottle is 4' tall and 1.125' in diameter. Two ounce bottle is 4.5' tall and 1.5' in diameter.

The dosage on the bottle is intended for a 150 pound adult, and may be adjusted based on an individual’s weight. Feel free to send a message if you need help determining dosage.


All Full Flower Herbs extracts "macerate" (soak), for a minimum of one month, and an average of 2 months. All extracts are made using a 1:2 ratio of plant to menstrum (liquid) unless otherwise noted.

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