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Mushroom Liquid Culture 3-pack 12cc each, gourmet strains

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This listing is for 3 syringes of liquid cultures, 12cc each. They come as a kit with supplies ready for inoculation. Examples on photos are grown from these very cultures! Pick 3 out of the list below and message me with your choices when ordering.

If you receive damaged items, please send me a photo and I will replace at no charge.
Lab produced and tested on agar.

- Bear's Head [hericium americanus]
- Black Morel [morchella brunnea]
- Blue Oyster [pleurotus columbinus]
- Brown Beech [hypsizygus tessulatus]
- Chestnut [pholiota adiposa]
- Cordyceps Militaris
- Enoki (gold) [flammulina velutipes]
- Golden Oyster [pleurotus citrinopileatus] (temporarily out of stock)
- King Oyster [pleurotus eryngii]
- Lion's Mane [hericium erinaceus]
- Maitake [grifola frondosa]
- Mediterranean Oyster [pleurotus pulmonarius]
- Nameko [pholiota nameko]
- Pearl Oyster [pleurotus ostreatus]
- Pink Oyster [pleurotus djamor]
- Reishi [ganederma lucidum]
- Shiitake 3782 [lentinula edodes]
- Velvet Pioppino (Black Poplar) [cyclocybe aegerita]
- Wine Cap [stropharia rugosoannulata]


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