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Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract Capsules - Dual Extract 20% Beta Glucans, Fruiting Body Only, No Fillers - Peak Herbs

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Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules

-500mg of High Quality Fruiting Body Extract
-High Beta-Glucan Content 20% Specifications
-Organic, Non-GMO, from Fruiting body only
-Capsules Made Fresh to Order
-Ships Fast & Free


*Is 20% beta-glucan content indicative of high quality and effectiveness in a Lion's Mane supplement?

-Yes, a 20% beta-glucan content is indicative of high quality and effectiveness in a Lion's Mane supplement. This level of beta-glucans suggests a potent and bioactive product that can offer an effective supplementation. High beta-glucan content is a key factor in the efficacy of mushroom supplements, making a 20% concentration desirable for those looking for the therapeutic benefits of Lion's Mane.

*What does dual extracted fruiting body lions mane mean?

-Dual extracted fruiting body Lion's Mane" refers to a specific method used to prepare Lion's Mane mushroom supplements, which aims to maximize the bioavailability of the mushroom's beneficial compounds. Let's break this down for clarity:

Fruiting Body: The fruiting body is the above-ground part of the mushroom that grows out of the mycelium (the root-like structure). It is considered to be the most potent part of the mushroom, containing the highest concentration of bioactive substances, such as beta-glucans and hericenones. Supplements made from the fruiting body are generally regarded as superior to those made from the mycelium, as they contain more of the beneficial compounds found in Lion's Mane.

Dual Extracted: This term refers to the extraction process used to obtain the beneficial compounds from the mushroom. Dual extraction involves two steps: a water extraction and an alcohol extraction. The water extraction is used to dissolve water-soluble compounds, such as beta-glucans, while the alcohol extraction is used to dissolve alcohol-soluble compounds, such as terpenoids (including hericenones and erinacines in Lion's Mane). This method ensures that a wide range of bioactive compounds are extracted, making the supplement more comprehensive and beneficial.

Dual extracted fruiting body Lion's Mane supplements are considered high-quality because they offer a broad spectrum of the mushroom's bioactive compounds, enhancing the potentiality of Lions Mane supplementation


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