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Shroom Boom® Limitless Lion's Mane Mushroom Sachets - 20 Gummies

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  • Handmade
  •   Brace yourself for the mushroom cloud-laying Shroom-Boom® Smart Gummies. Unlock eurekas & unleash creative flair, these potent Lion’s Mane jellies are the mental gasoline for your creative spark.

    Flexing a 6-plex of mixed mushroom magic, the potent 6:1 fungi extract ratio unleashes limitless NZT intellect with mind-bending creative chaos. Each 20g sachet is packed to the gills with 20 high-voltage vegan bad boys. Simply chew 3-5 gummy until fully dissolved to charge up your thinking thunder. Shroom Boom® Smart gummies are your Da Vinci decoded, boss-in-a-bottle.

    These eye-watering sour apple gummies improve not only mental focus, clarity & concentration but also reduce fatigue with a neuroprotective energy boost. Shroom Boom® Smart Gummies holistically help support physical immune systems & promote deeper sleep cycles.


    • Reduce Stress
    • Lower Cortisol Levels
    • Natural Anti-Anxiety Remedy
    • Promotes Calm & Relaxation
    • Increases Creativity
    • Accelerate Cognitive Function


    Take 3-5 gummies when desired. Chew each gummy until fully dissolved. Nootropic mushroom gummies require consistent daily use for noticeable effects. Individual results may vary.


    80g, sour apple-flavoured mushroom mix gummies. With Cordyceps, Royal Sun, Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail and Lion’s Mane.

    Allergy Advice:

    This product is free from GMOs, artificial colours, preservatives, lactose, yeast, gelatine and gluten.


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